21 April 2014

State programme on education abroad

The Government of Azerbaijan has taken measures to form the activity of institutions ensuring the internal and foreign policy, create new jobs in different fields, eliminate developmental differences between regions, build a new economic infrastructure and made urgent the necessity of solving the lack of qualified personnel since the Republic has restored its independence.
The logistic base and personnel potential in the fields of science and education was formed in Azerbaijan in the 20th century. In the 1970-1980s, young people were mainly sent to different universities of USSR and new opportunities were set up to provide the Republic with highly qualified experts.   
Today, the broader integration process is observed in the fields of science, education and culture as in the economic sector of Azerbaijan. Our educational cooperation has strengthened with some countries, as well as the exchange between scientists, teachers and students has extended. 
Currently, the need of the Republic to enhance existing intellectual potential has raised topical issues such as scientific and educational establishments, as well as overseas training for personnel. The need for highly trained personnel with excellent knowledge of foreign language and ICT, as well as with experience in international diplomacy has risen as well.
Development prospects of the Republic put in front of personnel, who are planning to work in the social – economic and scientific-cultural fields of different state-owned structures, international organizations, banking and financial systems, as well as private sector, the responsibility to ensure the transition of management, culture, science, education and public health of Azerbaijan to the new level that responds to the latest requirements. All these have raised a necessity to train specialists for the country at the world’s top universities.      
The President of the Republic of Azerbaijan issued an Order 1746 of October 19, 2006, on “State Program for the study of Azerbaijani youth abroad” to provide the study of young people abroad in the required for the country specialties and ensure their personnel participation in the development of the country. “State Program for study of Azerbaijani youth abroad for 2007-2015” was prepared based on the mentioned Order, which serves to establish a single system to organize the study of Azerbaijani youth abroad. 

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