8 Jule 2015

State programme on education abroad

 Becoming part of world economic system, economy in Azerbaijan Republic which is active participant of globalization processes, created a requirement for training of new type economist personnel. Works performed on direction of information to economy based on the knowledges, created necessity for highly qualified specialists in accordance with the requirements of information community. Problem raised by Azerbaijan regarding with directing “black gold”of country on amplification of human potential in world summit on information community, made important development of personnel training work on information technologies and innovation sector.
By purpose to ensure study of Azerbaijani youth under relevant specialties in abroad and becoming important factor of country’ development, Order No. 1746 dated October 19, 2006 of The President of Azerbaijan republic “About State Program on study of Azerbaijani youth in abroad” has been signed. Single system on direction of organization of study of talanted Azerbaijani youth in abroad, has been created in “State Program (hereinafter State Program) on study of Azerbaijani youth in abroad for 2007-2015” approved by Order No. 2090 dated April 16, 2007 of The President of Azerbaijan Republic and prepared according to the same order.
  Main goal of program:
• formation of competitive economic system in the country; 
• meeting the needs for personnel who meet modern requirements of country  in order to ensure sustainable development;
•creation of favourable condition for Azerbaijan youth to obtain worthy  higher education under worldwide values;
• provision of increase of organization and efficiency of process onenlargement of study opportunities of talanted youth in leading countries of world; 
•purposeful and organized increase of annual number of Azerbaijani youth sent to study in abroad owing to state’ account under all phases of education;
•division on bachelor, master, residency, doctoral levels as well as re-training within framework of allocated financial means;
•is provision of specialist’ training envisaging republic’ economical  development priorities under intergoverntmental contracts and exhange of  international student among the universities.  
    Next main strategical objective before country in “State Strategy on development of education in Azerbaija Republic” approved by Order dated October 24, 2013 of The President of Azerbaijan Republic, is to provide continuous economical development and improve life style of people through further modernization of social-economical life and adaptation to foremost practice. Our youth, who graduated from prestigious universities of the world within framework of State Program are presenting their contributions in order to achieve and realize the assigned objectives within framework of newly adopted Strategy. 
Therefore, in addition to acceleration of country’ economy to integration of world economy, prior direction is to provide development of human capital, possession of modern skills and abilities of person. Being one of important conditions in the process of benefiting from international competition effectively and successful integration of economy to global system, development of human capital, is core objective og country’ education system.
For detailed information about State Program, feel free to address to website www.xaricdetehsil.edu.gov.az of Ministry.          
According to Development Conception “Azerbaijan 2020: Vision to Future” approved by Decree of The President of Azerbaijan Republic, adoption of “New State Program about study of the youth in abroad for 2015-2020”, is envisaged.      

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