23 April 2014

General information

In an information society where globalization has received wide scope, strengthening a competition in a social and economic field of activity is observed, as well as at a gradual depletion of natural resources the role of education more and more increases. It is no coincidence that the United Nations Organization, declared the twenty-first century as "the century of education". Which has a high intellect in the formation of human capital, creating a foundation for sustainable development education in creating a strong economy, in particular never was irrelevant until the current role of higher education. In Azerbaijan as in all countries the role of higher education in the formation of human capital is undeniable.
Introduction in 1993 in the country of two-level system of higher education (the bachelor and magistracy) is one of the most meaningful events in history of formation of Azerbaijan. For the first time, reception of students at a step of the bachelor on more than 300 specialties in 80 directions in 23 institutions of higher education has been carried out. Over the past years in the content of formation at a step of the bachelor there were basic changes and innovations. So, existent rules are improved, standards conforming to the requirements of the world system of education are created, and the credit system is inculcated in education.
After the initial release of trainees at the bachelor's degree of higher education in the year 1997 on the basis of the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan Republic, by an order № 412 of the Ministry of Education of the country from 17.06.1997, in 23 state, 9 private higher educational establishments were allowed to move to the second stage of higher education- on the stage of bachelor degree. Until 2005, the admission to master's degree was carried out by the higher education institutions.
In accordance with the "Regulations on the State Commission on Admission of Students", by the ratified order №219 of President of the Azerbaijan Republic dated 06.04.2005, admission to the Magistracy conducted by the State Student Admission Commission (SSAC). Under the order of the Cabinet of Ministers from 06.07.2002, since 2001-2002 academic year is carried out the student’s reception on correspondence branch of a magistracy of higher educational institutions as well.
Although discussions about reforms in an education system from the beginning of 90th years of the last century are conducted, but works on this direction were not spent in the planned, regular form as there was no concept of the mechanism for implementing these reforms.Only after the approval of the “Programs of reforms in area of education of the Azerbaijan Republic” in 1999 year, throughout the education system, including the stage of higher education reform has become focused. According to this Program, at the level of higher education, as at other levels of education underwent structural changes, optimized network of institutions, and in structure of preparation of experts new specialties have been added.
Large powers and significant independence are provided to educational institutions. Higher educational institutions have begun to solve independently such questions, as the definition of the research councils, the state examination commissions and its internal structure, preparation of learning curriculum on specialties based on the state education standards, and other issues. 

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